just another soul for sale (feverishly) wrote in popstars,
just another soul for sale

Brit Banners

Hey you guys! Here are some Britney Spears banners that I made for anyone who wants to use them. If you use them, please comment and let me know which one(s) you're using. I can customize them over at my icon-requesting community eyekons. I'll also make and/or customize any graphics/icons/banners you want over at my community!


And if you use them, please remember to upload them to your own server!
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Hey, i'm gonna use the first one. Soo beautiful <3

Hey!!! I used the 4th one. I'm in awe, lol these banners are beautiful!!! :)
Oh, and I also used the last one!!! Thanks for making these, they're incredible!
taking the 1st & 2nd (sorry im so late, ha) will credit when in use.
I like them!! KEEP up the work!!