SaRaH (angel69) wrote in popstars,

14KT Gold NSYNC necklace

I have an auction going on at Yahoo! Auctions. It is a 14KT Gold Nsync necklace, exact replica of the necklace all five of the guys own. I got it for Christmas a few years ago and I'm in a bind now so I'm selling some of my memorabilia. Here is my auction

Other things I'm selling privately are:

* the five Nsync full size marionettes
* various magazines that 'Nsync is on the cover of( various Rolling Stone covers, TV guide, cosmo girl, YM, teen people)
* taped performances and interviews
* Lance Bobblehead
* signed picture of Dan from OTOWN (my friend met him along with the others, she gave me the picture he signed)
* 'Nside 'Nsync : the ultimate official album (photo)
* the program from their first American tour
* Christina Aguilera's first Rolling Stone Cover
* Britney Spears American Flag Rolling Stone Cover

If you have specific questions regarding any of the items or have any interest, please email me at

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